About The GrubLog

In a food obsessed world transfixed on celebrity chefs, cooking shows, fast food, fine foods, bizarre foods, eating in and dining out, The GrubLog is here to strip down the culinary world and deliver food news and stories as it should be — medium rare with a pinch of salt and pepper. From a juicy burger and greasy fries to foie gras-topped Rice Krispie treats, we believe there’s a great story in every dish, and in every restaurant. Our content is a combination of in-house and community posts that shed light on restaurant life, gastronomy trends, takeout-centric reviews and a dash of food trivia and events. While a love affair with food can sometimes bring out the worst in people, we’re not trying to be snooty food critics. We’re just a bunch of nerds who love eating and sharing our experiences with others good-palate foodies.

We hope The GrubLog delivers you all the food lovin’ you’re looking for.


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or if you’re interested in contributing blog posts, feel free to shoot The GrubLog’s editorial team an e-mail at grublog@grubhub.com.