5 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Resolution (And Still Order What You Want!)

The beginning of 2015 offers the opportunity to start the year fresh, and for many, this “fresh start” means improving health, diet and exercise habits. We’ve partnered with Eat This, Not That!, the foremost consumer resource for no-diet weight loss and healthy food choices, to identify the most impactful, healthy food swaps and special instructions for. . .

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GrubHub’s 2014 Takeout Trends
Brussels Sprouts

It’s that time of year again – end-of-year recap time, that is. We took a look at all orders from 2014 to determine the trendiest foods of the year, as well as the foods that moved to the proverbial back burner. And, according to our year-over-year order data, sharable dishes – including Skillet Cookies, Poutine, and Brussels Sprouts – saw some of the. . .

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