5 Reasons to Eat Lunch Outside

Scooby Doo Picnic

It’s all too easy to stay at your desk while you polish off the two – no, make that three – roll combo day after day. But while the weather is still warm, make the most of it and take your pickup or delivery order into the great outdoors!  Here’s a few perks that make your lunch hour picnic worth it:

1. Feeling like the bird lady from Mary Poppins

Look, this won’t even cost you tuppence a bag. If you’re feeling a little underappreciated lately, try offering the least-appetizing looking fry to a pigeon. BOOM: Instant flock of friends.

2. People Watching

You don’t have to be a professional writer to need some character inspiration. What better inspiration than by watching the beautiful people walk by?

3. Social Hour

Hear that possibly-not-HR-appropriate story or catch up with your work spouse. Studies have shown that having friends at work can be good for your career!

4. Vitamin D

Your bones and overall health will thank you.

5. Me time

Possibly the most compelling reason on this list. After all, the best way to stop the flow of questions from hitting you at your desk is, well, to not be at your desk.