50 Shades of Grey: Food Edition

Grey Foods

Grey may be sexy, but is it appetizing? Surprisingly enough, an array of tasty treats sport a sultry shade of grey. So, if the mood strikes, these foods are ready and willing for you to eat your heart out.


Grey AND sexy, these little aphrodisiacs are a decadent affair. Plus, eating them makes you look super fancy and refined. Eat while wearing a monocle for maximum impact.

Baba Ghanoush

This Levantine dish of cooked eggplant, onions, tomatoes, olive oil, and seasonings is a spicy grey concoction that’s both exotic and alluring. Bring pitas for dipping and save room for seconds.


The silver/grey skin of this fish is high in omega-3’s and vitamin D, which helps to keep your hair and skin looking healthy, young, and beautiful. And what’s sexier than good health? Besides Ted Danson via Cheers era, that is. Just me on that one?

Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus Atramentarius)

No, not THOSE kind of mushrooms. These grey guys are usually edible and probably taste amazing on a pizza. Or in a stroganoff. Or on a burger.

Earl Grey Macarons

They’ve got grey in the name and grey in the hue. These tea-flavored French delicacies are both crispy and creamy with a stunning aesthetic. And we’re gunna go out on a limb here and say that the tea’s namesake, Lord Charles Grey, was a total babe. I mean, he had a British accent, so that’s a start.


It’s rubbery. It’s mostly flavorless. And it’s made from a type of potato. Is any of this working for you? Konnyaku is a grey gelatin used in many Japanese dishes, usually formed as noodles or chopped up to accompany vegetables in a stew. Come on, it’s exciting to try new things.

The Grey Stuff

It’s delicious. Don’t believe us? Ask the dishes! This mousse-like dessert is apparently made from oreo cookies and vanilla pudding, but we know there is some secret Disney magic involved that makes this grey-tinted treat insanely yummy. And secrets are sexy.

Know of any other grey foods? Post them below, you naughty thing, you!