6 Delicious Last-Minute, Homemade Food Costumes for Halloween

Food Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween time again, and if you’re anything like us, you might not have your costume ready quite yet. We’re here with a few food-focused costumes that are so easy, you can make them with stuff you probably already have on hand.


1. Deviled Egg

All you’ll need is a white shirt, a yellow circle, and devil horns. That’s it! Is it a terrible pun and a bit of a strech? Sure. Is it incredibly easy and guaranteed to make people smile? Absolutely.

2. Jelly Beans

Full disclosure: I was a bag of jellybeans in my 4th grade Halloween parade and while it was a total hit, it might be a little more difficult at a crowded house party where your mother isn’t nearby to make sure your balloons haven’t all popped before lunch.

3. Bugles

A+ for finally making use of those rattan cornucopias found hanging around the house this time of year, kid.

4. Salt and Pepper

Are you an inseperable duo who love each other, but love procrastination more? Now THIS is a costume for you.

5. Sriracha

You love Sriracha, we love Sriracha, your friends will love you in a Sriracha costume. Plus, who wouldn’t wear that shirt ALL THE TIME anyway?

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly

If possible, find the nearest person in a banana suit (there’s always a person in a banana suit). This is your Peanut Butter Jelly Time to shine.