The 7 Addresses Saved in Your Food Delivery Account

GrubHub Address

If you’re like most orderers, you probably have more than one address saved in your account. We’ve rounded up the 7 most likely candidates that you have (perhaps you have them all?) in your history that tell a tale of love, loss, and leftovers.

1. Home

And home-sweet-home it is! The couch that doubles as a dining room table is really something.

Most frequent order: Sushi. You’re not about to make it yourself, it’s perfect for one, and it’s healthy. Ish. Sometimes. Ok, it’s not unhealthy, at least.


2. The 2am Version of Home

You *almost* got your address right when you unnecessarily re-typed it in at 2am. Fortunately, the delivery guy called you (and woke you back up) upon arrival.

Most frequent order: Cheese fries, an Italian sub, meatballs, extra ranch sauce, pancakes, shrimp scampi, and… Gatorade. At least you think ahead.


3. The Bar

It’s not your fault your landlord won’t let you put a satellite dish on your roof to get the extra sports channels. At least the pub around the corner has 37 beers on tap, 11 TV screens, and no kitchen (so you can order delivery).

Most frequent order: Wings. An epic boatload of them for your friends who “just want one.”


4. Your Lover’s Apartment

You knew this relationship was going to work when you realized your weird food cravings were in sync.

Most frequent order: BBQ. Because sauce on someone’s face is just a great excuse to do what you two do best.


5. Your Ex’s Apartment

There’s a reason you’re exes, and it probably had something to do with your love of all things oceanic combined with his shellfish allergy.

Most frequent order: Waffles in bed. The best part of that relationship always was your love of breakfast.


6. Your Ex-Apartment

You did it! You finally moved to the big city and you’re gonna eat like it!

Most frequent order: Pizza. If you order a large, that was enough to last you through the next few days until payday, right? (Spoiler alert: No, it never was.)


7. Work

You’re not leaving that desk until those new TPS report cover sheets are done, or until 5:01pm, whichever comes first.

Most frequent order: Those make-your-own salads from the deli down the street. Bonus points for light napkin layering over your keyboard while you eat so your hands don’t smell like balsamic all day.