8 Fabulously Fermented Foods

8 Fabulously Fermented Foods

We love fermented foods of all shapes and sizes. But what does “fermented” even mean? In short, fermentation is a process that breaks down and changes a food through bacteria or other microorganisms. Mmmm – science can be so delicious.

Now that we know how they’re made, here’s a list of our favorite fermented foods:

1. Sauerkraut

Seriously, this stuff needs to make a hipster comeback in the worst way. The possiblities of artisinal sauerkraut are endless. Put it on hot dogs! Use it as a side dish! Eat it right out of the jar!

2. Crème fraîche

It’s not just fancy whipped cream. Really – creme fraiche is made by taking heavy cream and adding a starter bacterial culture to it.

3. Dosa

Surprise – these hot and crispy crepes are actually fermented. (And gluten-free!) Essentially, the dosa batter is left overnight while the rice and lentils do their magic.

4. Yogurt

An obvious choice on this list. Did you know that the lactic acid and milk proteins are what give yogurt its tangy flavor?

5. Kimchi

All hail the kimchi craze of the past 5 years. Traditionally, kimchi is made by letting it ferment in jars buried underground. Delicious buried treasure!

6. Miso

Miso Soup

Fun Fact: Miso comes from fermented soybeans.

7. Pickles


Is there anything more satisfying than getting a really good pickle on the side of your lunch? (Spoiler alert: no, no there’s not.) And don’t even get us stated on frickles.

8. Worcestershire sauce

In addition to having no idea how to pronounce it, most people don’t even know what’s actually in Worcestershire sauce. The list of ingredients is extensive, and includes vinegars, sugar, salt, and sometimes even anchovies.