Food in Fiction: Our Favorite Foods from Orange is the New Black

Photo via Netflix

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Hurry up and binge-watch through Season 2 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix before proceeding onto these delicious details of the show.

It’s surprising how much food is featured in a show about prison, but it seems like food is as much of a main character as anyone else! Here are our favorite moments that made us hungry during Orange is the New Black.


I Threw My Pie For You


A most delicious weapon and symbol of love. “I threw my pie for you!”



One Smart Chicken


“All I wanted was to eat the chicken that was smarter than all the other chickens to absorb its power. And to make a nice Kiev.” Love her or hate her, it’s hard not to agree with Red when she says this.


Everything Piper Eats on Furlough

Piper's Furlough Burger


Is there anyone who watched this episode and didn’t have a sudden appreciation for vegetables that actually crunch? Or thought about how incredible that first hamburger must have been?


Safe Place Cookies

Safe Place Cookies


While it made us a little sad to think of the effort Healy went through to lay out the cookies, we totally would have pulled a Leanne and grabbed all of them when nobody was looking.


Alex Vause’s Peace Cornbread

Peace Cornbread


Nothing says “Sorry I put you in prison and you’re already being starved by sensitive cook” better than a small piece of cornbread. Or maybe not.


Red’s Pirozhkis

Red's Place in Queens


Even those who didn’t know what a pirozhki was wanted one by the way Red described them. (For the record, pirozhki are buns stuffed with fillings, either sweet or savory, and are totally worth the trek to get authentic ones.)


Healy’s WAC Doughnuts

Blood Donuts


America runs on Dunkin, and apparently so does the Women’s Advisory Council. Of course, in exchange for coffee and doughnuts, the women have to agree that nothing is going to be changed thanks to the WAC. But hey – doughnuts.


The “Looks Blue, Tastes Red” Snow Cone

Looks Blue Tastes Red


All we’re saying is that if everyone who loves blue snow cones was nicknamed “Taystee” as a child, we’d all have the same name.


Funfetti Cake



Vee did some dirty deeds in her time, but possibly the dirtiest was the most delicious: funfetti cake with chocolate frosting.





From the appropriately-named episode “Take A Break From Your Values,” the guards knew exactly the way to a hunger-striker’s heart: pizza.


What were your favorite foods from the ladies of Litchfield? Tell us in the comments!

  • Emme

    When Piper accidentally stole a screwdriver, sandwiches were there. When Red was recuperating, sandwiches were there. When basically anything on this show ever happened, sandwiches were there. The most ubiquitous food by a long shot, sandwiches are the glue that holds Litchfield together. May they always be adequately stuffed, and never go stale.

  • Bernie Malone

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