Best Food at GoogaMooga: CRAVED Awards Winners

Best Food at GoogaMooga: CRAVED Awards Winners

We went. We ate. And we ate. At the Great GoogaMooga this past weekend, tens of thousands of hungry New Yorkers waited in some epic lines for some delicious food from some of NYC’s best restaurants. While the lines may have been long, the weather was gorgeous and the food was a great pot of gold at the end of the foodie rainbow.

We asked you, the Great GoogaMooga attendees to tell us what your favorite dishes were for the GoogaMooga edition of the CRAVED Awards by Seamless. As a quick reminder, in Fall 2011 we held the CRAVED Awards by Seamless that recognized exceptional restaurants in all Seamless cities. You voted and some delicious restaurants were honored. And now, at GoogaMooga, with over 75 food vendors, there was a whole lot more deliciousness to choose from. We organized the voting for you with six categories: Between the Bread, From the Sea, Sweetest Treat, Off the Bone, Greatest Greens, and a Slice of Heaven.

So… who were the winners? Let’s find out!

Between the Bread: Little Muenster‘s Oaxaca Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Cotija, Jalapeno Corn Puree, and Roasted Tomatillo on Organic Peasant Bread. Order from Little Muenster on Seamless!

From the Sea: Luke’s Lobster‘s classic Lobster Roll. Order from Luke’s Lobster on Seamless!

Sweetest Treat: Big Gay Ice Cream‘s Ginger Curry Shake with Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Ginger Syrup, and Curry Powder.

Off the Bone: Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon‘s Fried Chicken Wings

Greatest Greens: Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi‘s Spring Seasonal Kimchi

Slice of Heaven: Roberta‘s Bee Sting & Soppressata Pizza with Mozzarella, Tomato, Chili Oil and Soppressata

The Best From the Sea: Luke's Lobster Roll!

The Best From the Sea: Luke's Lobster Roll!

Thank you to all of the awesome food vendors at the festival for serving delicious food, and a special Congratulations to all of our GoogaMooga CRAVED Awards Winners!

This October we will be presenting the  Second Annual CRAVED Awards by Seamless. It will be your chance to vote for and honor your most favorite Seamless restaurants… so stay tuned and hungry!