College Football Starts Soon! Let’s Wing It!

It’s that time of the year again.  College football starts soon and it’s a great time to order food and kick back on the couch and watch the games.  This year will be especially fun and filled with some classic rivalries so we are getting ready to get the games in gear with new specials and promotions that will make ordering online an even better experience for you.

The NFL will have a season this year after a long lockout so we are also excited about the upcoming professional football season but- more on that later.  There is nothing like college football and ordering food to enjoy the games with while watching the fast-paced moves of your favorite team.

If you can’t make the tailgate this year – make sure you have your own indoors and order from your favorite restaurants online.  What do people love to order during the football season?  Hands down – buffalo wings!

Atomic Wings

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