Did You Pick The Winners?

Basketball Giveaway

B-Ball Bracket Giveaway

Three weeks ago, we all filled out our brackets with the full expectation that we would be winners. We thought that we very clever when we picked Gonzaga to beat UNC in the Sweet 16 or USC over Michigan State in Round 2. Turns out we were wrong. But you know who was right? Carl Otis III.

By accumulating 1730 out of a possible 1920 points and correctly selecting every winning team in the Sweet 16 and beyond, he is the champion of the SeamlessWeb pool and the winner of $350 worth of SeamlessWeb food. Our nine other winners all finished in at least the 99.3 percentile of all users and have a lot of food coming their way too, so it was an impressive showing all around.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating and congratulations to Carl Otis III!

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