Facebook Ads are getting smarter…

I would guess that if you have made it this far, you know what Facebook is. Furthermore, if you have come to this specific blog, you probably know that it’s possible to order delivery and take out food online. Given this information, I sincerely hope that most of you have become fans of SeamlessWeb on Facebook, but if not, you simply must do so right away so that you have a chance to become a winner of a free iPod AND free food!

Now that we have all that taken care of, you might be interested to hear about how Facebook ads are changing. In the recent months, things have gotten to point where if you type certain words somewhere in your status or profile, you’ve got a good chance of seeing an ad for SeamlessWeb on the side of your screen. Try it out for yourself and see if pizza or chinese food gets you the right ads (if that doesn’t work, just type “I Love SeamlessWeb” a few times instead). This is a great feature, but it still keeps some distance between users and advertisers. This is where Facebook Engagement Ads come in. Part of an increasingly interactive user experience, these ads can be commented on and shared with friends. This way, users will have a  more intimate and satisfying relationship with each brand that does a good job with this new technology. It’s an exciting time in advertising and with landscape changing so rapidly, we look forward to getting closer to you, our users.

Any suggestions for what you would like to see either here or on our Facebook page? Let us know in the comments!

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