Facebook Fans: The Winners, Redux

About a month ago, two of our lucky fans were randomly chosen as big winners in our Facebook contest. They earned fame, glory, and tons of free food and Apple gear. Since then, a whole bunch of new Facebook users have clicked the “Become a Fan” button to show their love of SeamlessWeb and to try and become one of the next winners. They joined all of our existing fans to make more than 2,500 people eligible for the prizes. Today, we are proud to announce that the final three winners have been chosen.

Facebook Logo

Congratulations to Masha Geller, Brittany Pierce, and Jeffrey Vargas! We couldn’t be happier to be awarding you Apple gift cards and free SeamlessWeb food.

Now for all of you who did not got chosen, never fear. We are still offering you food discounts all over the place. For the Facebook fans, there was an update sent to you two days ago with a code good for 20% off one order in September. For all of our Twitter followers, we tweeted another 20% discount code yesterday, so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

Finally, for the blog readers, which is everyone here I presume, watch this space for an exclusive discount soon!