Facebook Fans: The Winners!

Last month we launched a new Facebook page and with it, we began a contest in which 5 lucky Fans of the SeamlessWeb page would each win a new iPhone.

As it turns out, there were some snags in the iPhone plan (namely that you can’t buy an iPhone without activating it on the spot, which we cannot do for our winners), but that has not deterred us, as we are offering our winners iPod Nanos and free SeamlessWeb food discounts (of comparable value). This way the winners won’t even be tempted to order over the phone. On that note, we are happy to announce our first 2 winners, Lori Farber and Robert George. Congratulations and thanks for being Fans of SeamlessWeb!

There are still 3 prizes remaining so be sure to become a Fan of the page and put your name in contention for the great prizes that await the winners!

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