5 Reasons To Order Food Online During A Summer Heat Wave

It’s hot outside. In most major cities in America, there is an extreme heat wave passing that is making going out a serious decision. On days like this it’s a good idea to stay indoors and find activities that are fun which don’t require using too much energy. It’s also a good idea go order your food online and stay inside with the AC on wherever you can.  Looking to orders some food online? Here are a few good reasons for getting food delivered due to the extreme heat today.

Calle Ocho - Cuban Skirt Steak

(Above: Cuban Style Steak and Rice)

Here are 5 reasons to order food online and stay cool:
1.It’s too hot to cook in the kitchen.
2. You’re chilling by the pool.
3. You just downloaded our new mobile app and you want try it out.
4. You want to save energy – no need firing up that oven or grill.
5. It’s too hot to barbecue.

In this kind of weather, it’s better to order your food and leave cooking to the professionals.  No need for pickup either when your favorite restaurant is online during a heat wave. Let the professionals handle it.

447 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Order Food Online During A Summer Heat Wave

  1. Andrew

    Yeah but I feel bad because those delivery guys have to bike all these meals around Manhattan in this heatwave. I don’t want to be responsible for one of them having a heat stroke!

  2. Andra

    I have food delivered periodically, but I wish there were more offerings delivering to my DC neighborhood. Dominos Pizza and the neighborhood Chinese restaurant have played out. I need real food because of health restrictions. So, I am all for food delivery, both groceries (I’m a marketer) and prepared food!!

    @Andrew: I hear you on those guys on bikes, but folks gotta do what they gotta do until they can do better. I have a wonderful business that is booming that provides money for a car and gas if one works hard at it. Last night, I asked the young lady from Dominos if they must pay for their own gas; when she told me they did, I handed her a handful of my business cards to pass out, and briefly explained the situation while I signed my receipt.

    Signing off!

  3. Rich

    Hey Andra and Andrew,

    Thanks for the comments! Definitely feel for the delivery guys on the hot (and cold) days, but we always encourage people to tip especially well 🙂

    Andra, re: restaurants in your area, please send recs to restaurantrequests@seamless.com and we’ll work on adding them! Which DC neighborhood are you in?


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