Free Apps and Free Lunch? Here’s how…

Where did you order from?

So have you heard about our mobile apps? Yeah, we thought so.  Now that you’ve downloaded SeamlessWeb straight to your phone you can order from anywhere, anytime. Literally.

Submit your photo and be entered to win free lunch for a week!

But get ready, because it gets even better. Just follow these steps below and you could win free lunch for a week!

TAKE A PIC: Next time you use the app, take a picture from wherever you are (your desk, your roof, the circus – the stranger the better).

WIN A WEEK OF LUNCH: Email us your photo (with the subject line indicating exactly where you ordered from) and it will be posted to Where Did You Order From. If your photo gets the most likes you will win free lunch for a week!

Check out past submissions and vote for the week’s best picture here.

3 thoughts on “Free Apps and Free Lunch? Here’s how…

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