Hi. We’re on Snapchat. And You’re Missing Out.

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You know what you should be doing? Following “GrubHub” on Snapchat. Because we’re on there, snapping all sorts of business. Stuff like promo codes, doodles, giveaways, candid shots of our junk (we don’t know why we have so many broken toasters, but whatever), stories, gorgeously shot footage of our interns partaking in incredible feats of danger and anything else we come up with. Often, it involves some combination of food and attractive people.

You can download Snapchat for your iPhone right here, and you can get it for Android right here. You can learn more about Snapchat right here, too. After that, you’ll just add “GrubHub” to your list of contacts and you’ll be all ready to roll.

Okay. Be good. And don’t be surprised if things get pure sexual all up on your cell.

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