How do you find information about restaurants?

We hope that you look it up on SeamlessWeb. But at least we know that you most likely find this information on the internet. According to a recent poll by AIS Media, 89% of consumers across the United States research restaurants online. This means that it is more important than ever for restaurants to make sure that they have a strong online presence.

And what better way to have a strong online presence than to offer food delivery online through SeamlessWeb? With an increasing number of consumers not just looking up information about restaurants online, but actually ordering from them online, it is more critical than ever for restaurants to have a method in place for how to capture these potential customers. Furthermore, customers who start out as online orderers are more likely to visit the restaurant in person as well, so you get more orders any way you slice it.

If you are a restaurant that would like more information about signing up for SeamlessWeb, please fill out this form.

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