Basketball & Food: It’s NBA Playoff Time!

Ordering good food and watching sports go hand in hand

The NBA 2011 Playoffs have started. The games are getting interesting and they will continue this weekend with the Chicago Bulls playing the Indiana Pacers (game happening right now 4:15 pm EST) starting the festivities. The Dallas Mavericks will play the Portland Trail Blazers while the San Antonio Spurs will take on the Memphis Grizzlies.
Atomic Wings

Nothing goes better with watching sports than watching sports while eating. It’s time for a takeout idea or for ordering food online but what would be good to order for watching the games?

Fact: during football season, wings are ordered more frequently than any other food on Sunday Nights.

Pizza is also a sports watching food favorite but is football food different than basketball food? Why do we Americans love pizza and wings so much when we are watching sports? Our guess – people want food portability and pizza as well as wings come in various styles and flavors to fit different tastes. People also don’t just order wings or pizza from anywhere, they have a favorite and prefer them made by someone they trust. As you watch the games tonight think for a quick second before digging into that pile of buffalo wings and ranch sauce or grabbing at that last slice – who cares who wins – this food is great!

Pizza by Cer té