Seamless at The Great GoogaMooga

Seamless at The Great GoogaMooga

Hey NYC – Get ready! The Great GoogaMooga is coming to Brooklyn in just three short weeks. And, guess what? Seamless will be there! We’ll also be giving you a chance to get there yourself!

What is the Great GoogaMooga you ask? It’s a music and food festival in NYC’s Prospect Park on May 19th and 20th. Over 70 food vendors will be there serving up delicious eats – including Seamless favorites Baohaus, Brindle Room, Crif Dogs, Dirty Bird To Go, DuMont Burger, Hill Country BBQ, Little Muenster, Luke’s Lobster, Porchetta, and Souvlaki GR. At this amusement park of food and drink, a wonderfully great time is bound to be had.

At the event, Seamless will be presenting the CRAVED Awards, which will give participating restaurants the chance to claim bragging rights for their best item. Categories for the special edition CRAVED Awards will be Between the Bread, From the Sea, Sweetest Treat, Off the Bone, Greatest Greens, and a Slice of Heaven. Festival goers will place their votes over Twitter and the winners will be announced the week after the festival.

Featured Foods: Porchetta + Greek Fries from Souvlaki GR. A delicious pairing!

Also: Lucky CRAVED voters will be entered to win an exclusive meal at a participating restaurant, so make sure you vote for those goodies you will be craving long after you wake up from your food coma.

In addition to the awesome GoogaMooga event, there will be festival within a festival at the Extra Mooga. Extra Mooga involves an all-inclusive food and drink celebration with specially curated menus and drinks, special musical acts, and extra theme parties. Ever hear of Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colicchio, or Aziz Ansari? Because they’ll be there too!

At ExtraMooga, be sure to stop by the Restaurant 101 tent! Seamless will be presenting a panel about interactive marketing strategies for restaurants. Social media savvy chefs, technologically sound foodies, and Seamless personnel will be there to discuss how they engage with hungry consumers online. It’s what Seamless is all about!

CRAVING a Luke's Lobster Roll?

Want to go to the festival? Stay tuned for a chance to win Extra Mooga tickets!