Seamless Giveaway: Butter Lane Cupcake Classes! [VIDEO] (Closed)

Seamless Giveaway: Butter Lane Cupcake Classes! (Closed)

Do you love dessert? Do you die for cupcakes? Do you go bananas over a delicious frosting? Of course you do and today is your lucky day! We’re giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the exclusive Cupcake Classes at Butter Lane bakery in Manhattan. Comment on this blog post with your most creative cake + frosting combo for a chance to win two spots in a cupcake class! 5 winners will be chosen and announced on Thursday, February 9.* For some inspiration, check out all of Butter Lane’s delicious cake and frosting flavors!

For a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes at Butter Lane, check out the video!

And with Valentine’s Day only a week away, the cupcakes and the classes are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  Ditch the roses this year and spring for a sweet gift your loved one can really enjoy… CUPCAKES!

UPDATE: Here are the winners! If you have won, please email by 5PM on Friday, February 10th to claim your prize!

*Click here for full terms & conditions.

310 thoughts on “Seamless Giveaway: Butter Lane Cupcake Classes! [VIDEO] (Closed)

  1. Sabrina Cordova

    My dream cupcake would be a cranberry cupcake with a white chocolate cream cheese filling and a cranberry cream cheese frosting.

  2. erin couture

    Gah such an awesome prize! I love butterlane and a class of baking cupcakes?!?! what’s not to love! Could really use this for my bf and I this year as we’re both on a super tight budget!

  3. bettyb0o

    pistachio matcha green tea cupcake with chocolate whipped cream filling and matcha frosting coated with pistachio nuts. the green color and fresh look and taste definitely reminds me of spring.

  4. Jennifer

    pistachio cupcake with copped pistachios and a vanilla bean custard filling. Topped with pink rosewater butter cream and a candied pistachio for decoration.

  5. Maya

    My dream frosting peach moscato alà modè. The gift of life is a celebration. So why not celebrate with tantalizing peach slices and a delicate toast of dessert wine. You only live once so celebrate the occasion. Cheers 🙂

  6. Sakhi

    Lavender cupcakes with a tiny dollop of rich lavender cream inside topped off with a rosewater icing! Feeling flowery today!

    Also, over Christmas, I tried to play with flavors that would make a pine needle scented cake topped off with a holiday spice icing – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and a touch of clove. It would be Christmas in a cupcake!! Would love to figure that one out!

  7. Thomas

    I don’t eat cupcake so I don’t have enough creativity to participate but I just wanted to say the girl on the left are really cute and beautiful =)

  8. Jennifer

    cinnamon apple cupcakes with freshly chopped apples, and a homemade cinnamon apple jam in the center. Topped with cream cheese frosting drizzled homemade caramel sauce and a dash of salt.

  9. Lauren

    Lychee cupcake with vanilla bean frosting!! (There aren’t enough lychee flavored things in this world)

  10. Kim M

    A pear cupcake with spicy ginger icing, topped with candied ginger. And some extra ginger on the side, just because.

  11. Jeanine

    My favorite is a mint and banana cupcake with chocolate frosting and peanut butter “drops” on top….
    Delicious, moist, and refreshing!

  12. Jasmine

    lime flavor (zest and juice) cupcake filled with cheesecake and topped with a lime/coconut frosting! ooooh yeah, chicka chicka pow pow!

  13. Marsha King

    I would make a cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting mixed with strawberries and a caramel swirl.

  14. Virginia G

    I’m obsessed with almond paste, so I’d love a vanilla cupcake filled with marzipan and smothered in almond buttercream frosting. Amazeballs!

  15. Pierre Kernisan

    I would live a chance for this class. As a connoisseur of sweet, his would phenomenal. I hope to one become a pastry chef myself.

  16. Jesse Dipietro

    I would make a Carmel salted popcorn: Vanilla Salted cupcake with,caramel buttercream with caramel covered popcorn topping
    I would make Olive oil cupcake with a lemon thyme buttercream!

  17. danny

    its my girlfriend’s birthday, so she purposely saved her calories all week to spend them on a cupcake binge today!!! her favorite is red in turn..its my favorite too!!!

  18. Virginia G

    I’d love also another banana cake and chocolate sea salt frosting cupcake, such as the one Marci at the E.Vil location suggested on a recent visit. She was spot on!

  19. danny

    and btw she totes beat me to this!!! see Virginia’s comment above ^^^^^^
    Happy Birthday baby!!!!! <33333

  20. Sara

    Once, I made a Praline’s & Cream CHEESE cupcake. I made a yellow cake cupcake, filled it with caramel sauce, topped it with cream cheese frosting and a homemade praline. Big hit for my friend’s birthday!!


    Blue Lane Cupcakes Bar None!!!… it’s soooo dangerous cause once i start one- i can’t stop!!! anyway, i would like a mango cupcake w/ a marcapone cream w/ a dash of shredded coconut … ^.^

  22. Faith

    Coconut cake with a lime curd filling and a coconut cream frosting (“You put the lime in da coconut and.”)

  23. Meena

    Something tropical – Coconut, pineapple cake with buttercream frosting with a hint of pineapple with toasted coconut flakes and cherry on top……I have recently been inspired by all the cupcake shows on TV and want to learn how to bake like them.

  24. Lili Ramos

    My dream cupcake would be a Fluffer Nutter sandwich cupcake! It would have vanilla cake, with peanut butter frosting and marshmallow fluff mixed in, and a couple marshmallows on the top! It would be amazing and if I win the class, I may or may not bring some peanut butter and try to sneak it into the frosting batter…. 🙂

  25. danny

    but truth be told, im a chocolate freak and would want nothing more than a face full of double chocolate chip 🙂

  26. Christina

    Dream combo would def be Peanut butter cake with a marshmallow frosting with maybe a banana chip on top!

  27. Stephanie P.

    I like to add a touch of Bailey’s in my vanilla cupcakes and coconut rum in devils food/chocolate cupcakes…YUM!

    P.S. I’d LOVE to win a spot in Butter Lane’s cupcake class <3.

  28. Noel S

    A double dark chocolate cupcake- chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting with the surprise of a cheesecake center. The chocolate really enhances the cheesecake flavor. DEcadent, but hits the spot when you’re really craving a cupcake!

  29. Gabriel

    Just had these cupcakes for the first time this weekend. My favorite was definitely the cinnamon one with drizzled honey on top. yum!

  30. Emily

    Bakewell Tart Cupcake: White Chocolate sponge, real Raspberries baked on top and Almond Butter Frosting. YUM!

  31. Sage

    French toast cupcake- my own recipe! I add an extra egg to the batter, mix in cinnamon and salt… and top with maple frosting 🙂

  32. Andrea

    Gotta love the classic birthday cake style cupcake. Vanilla funfetti innards topped with classic vanilla (or chocolate if you prefer) frosting, sprinkles and a lit candle!

  33. Nicole clemente

    Im a huge huge huge cupcake fan! I personally love butter lane cupcakes, they are unique,delicous & pretty:-) a cupcake i would like To propose is a campfire smores cupcake with a graham cracker crust base, a triple chocolate.moist cupcake filled with ganache And topped with a creamy marshmallow icing slightly toasted To ensure a complete campfire cupcake !! Yumm!

  34. Jonathan Ian

    It’s Valentines day, there has to be a Red Hot Lover dessert. I’d be thinking chocolate/chili cake with a surprise bit of fruit filling, topped with hot cinnamon/cream cheese frosting and Red Hot Lover dusting.

  35. Lynn

    I would make a coffee cake with vanilla, sugar crumb frosting for those of us who like a more sophisticated twist to the traditional cupcake….

  36. Emily

    A taro cupcake with coconut cream frosting and topped with toasted coconut shavings; for me, the comforting Asian flavors present a familiar taste of home in an elegant Western form.

    It would be such a joy to attend Butter Lane’s cupcake class and learn how to make all my loved ones smile (and possibly drool)!

  37. Laura

    someone earlier mentioned almond paste, I think an almond flavored cupcake would be amazing with a hazelnut frosting! I would love to win this class!

  38. Noel Soisson

    I would love to do a “root beer float” type cupcake with root beer soaked into the cake and then a frothy/creamy icing!

  39. Gia

    An amaretto-infused chocolate cake, coffee buttercream frosting and chopped almonds and a drizzle of kahlua syrup

  40. Sarah P.

    My ideal cupcake would be Red Velvet with Molten Chocolate. So, it would be red velvet cake with rich, warm chocolate fudge in the center. And it would be topped with cream cheese frosting. A bit unusual, but it’s my dream!

  41. Erum

    Obviously banana with peanut butter is the BEST! But my all time favorite? Stopping in for a shot of Cinnamon Honey frosting, my own guilty pleasure 🙂

  42. Eve

    Coconut cake with a pineapple-ish frosting. Or dulce de leche. I’m picturing Caribbean flavors cupcakes… YUM…

  43. Neha Kulkarni

    Im obsessed with your cupcakes!!! Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting with raspberry swirl (think salted caramel topping) with a fresh raspberry on top.

  44. Neha Kulkarni

    I love your cupcakes! Would love to see a chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting with a raspberry swirl (think the salted caramel topping you put on the sea salt cupcakes) with a fresh raspberry on top!

  45. Steph K

    Candied orange frosting on lemon poppyseed cake – sweet and tart! or devil’s food with peppermint frosting – deep dark and minty fresh!

  46. David Fishman

    I like cupcakes, especially yours. My most creative cake would be a mint chocolate chunk frosting with pumpkin cake.

  47. Emily

    “Coffee and Donut” cupcake: coffee cake infused with cinnamon and nutmeg + espresso buttercream frosting + a mini glazed donut covered in chocolate sprinkles as the final topping = a combination of caffeine and sugar that’s worth getting out of bed for!

  48. Malkie

    Banana cupcake with a tropical frosting…pineapple with sweetened flaked coconut on the top. It’s a smoothie in a little cake form…Yum!

  49. Scott

    My favorite is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake. Vanilla cake filled with Strawberry jelly, with a Peanut Butter frosting.

  50. Tammy

    You can’t go wrong with chocolate frosting on chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles. You just can’t. Otherwise, red velvet cupcake and cream cheese frosting.

  51. Mira Zaki

    sounds perfect- I’ve loved cupcakes since I was a kid- best cupcake combo is champagne cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting and a strawberry on top 🙂

  52. Tara

    There’s no such thing as a bad cupcake. But I’d love to see (taste?) pumpkin cupcakes with pieces of candied ginger, topped with dark chocolate icing and cinnamon. Yum!

  53. Michael

    Probably something along the lines of a vanilla/chocolate swirl cake with a caramel and marshmallow swirl frosting. It works for ice cream – why not cupcakes?

  54. Dan Aronoff

    I would love banana cupcakes with walnuts and pecans topped with dark chocolate icing! I have no idea if dark chocolate icing is available but if not I would create it especially for this creation; something like the most decadent chocolate banana bread ever!

  55. Annie Leitenberg

    I love a classic yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting! Plus tons of decorations, sprinkles or chocolate chips!

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