Thinking Outside the Pizza Box

Every person has a favorite local delivery place, be it for pizza, Chinese food, or any other type of meal. This is all well and good, but what happens when people move? They can find new restaurants in their new neighborhoods or new cities (checking out SeamlessWeb is a good start for this by the way…), or they can hope that their local place decides to get creative.

For fans of Mineo’s Pizza House, a Pittsburgh-based pizza joint, this is exactly what happened. Realizing the love that his customers had for Mineo’s pizza, owner Giovanni Mineo came up with an innovative idea and decided to start shipping pizzas everywhere! Using FedEx, Mineo’s ships half-baked, frozen pizzas overnight to anywhere in the world, and Pittsburgh natives (and pizza lovers) from California to Florida and beyond are loving it.

Wanna test out Mineo’s for yourself? Try it out here. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see restaurants like this on SeamlessWeb.

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