Top of the Class: College Foodie Facts

Sure, everyone’s talkin’ about college rankings right now, but we have the ones that matter the most: food rankings. We’ve put together a pile of order stats from college towns across the country to answer age-old questions such as, “What do college kids eat in-between epic study sessions and games of ultimate Frisbee?” and “Where have all the vegans gone? Occidental?” And then we added our standard visual razzle-dazzle and lo and behold: a colorful list.

If you’re a current student, the scholastic nuggets below the fold should give you all the ammo you need to fit in with your peers. Hell, apply ‘em right and they might even help you get into Skull & Bones or whatever. And if you’re not a student, well, maybe you can drop a fact or two into an exhilarating conversation at your next mixer? They’ll be a hit, for sure. Let’s go learn some stuff.


  • Jeff

    Thanks for compiling this info! I’m a student at CSU Chico myself. The reasoning behind the first few data points (i.e. late night orders and guiltless eating) is that most college student are either: A- up late studying and don’t really care what they eat, and B- high and don’t want to drive, and unhealthy food is always the tastiest.

  • Steve

    Nice information to know

  • Nicole

    The one ranking Pratt makes, and it’s number one for coffee. I’m not surprised even a little.

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  • Drea K.

    The college students with DORMS… I order tons of food but it goes to my house because I live in NYC and I commute to school so this is not really all that accurate as to which schools are the most polite, etc. Most polite of those you survey.