Turkish Delight

As part of a continuing effort to keep you informed about food delivery around the world, we have brought you news from India, China, and the Middle East. This time, we have news from Turkey after reading an article by a Harvard Business School student who spent his summer interning in Istanbul. He worked for a service called Yemeksepeti.com, the self-proclaimed only online food delivery portal in Turkey, and he seems to have learned some important lessons about international business and the rapid technological advancements taking place outside the United States.

Not only do I find it interesting to read about all of these online ordering developments in other parts of the world, I believe that it is useful both for you, our users, and me, a SeamlessWeb employee, to read about how other companies are approaching the same concept from a different perspective. There is always something to be gained from examining these other ordering sites, whether it be the discovery of a completely new idea or promotion, an improvement on a current feature we offer, or even an example of a feature that does not work well.

With that said, I encourage you to explore these different services in other parts of the world and let us know if there is anything you learn about that we can use to make your SeamlessWeb experience the best it can possible be.

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