13 Greatest Names for Sandwiches


We’ve talked about how amazing and creative sushi restaurants have named their rolls. And the same is true for some of our favorite sandwiches. Without being descriptive of the actual ingredients inside the sandwich, the creative names can shed some light on what to expect on your first bite. Check out some of our favorite most creative, all-around greatest, sandwich names.

1. Stoner’s Delight
Serious upgrade from the sad grilled cheese

Stoner's Delight from JoeDough

Stoner’s Delight from JoeDough

2. A Wreck 
Salami, roast beef, turkey and ham, with Swiss cheese

A Wreck from Potbelly's

A Wreck from Potbelly’s

3. Something Else
Roast beef on an Italian bread hero with cheez whiz, fresh Mozzarella cheese, gravy, au jus and hand cut fries

Something Else from This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

Something Else from This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

4. Bench Girl
Portuguese alheria, spinach, grilled onions, melted Mozzarella cheese, egg omelet and olive oil

Bench Girl from City Sandwich

Bench Girl from City Sandwich

5. Sinatra Special
Steak pizzaiola and fresh Mozzarella

Sinatra Special from Defonte's of Brooklyn

Sinatra Special from Defonte’s of Brooklyn

6. The Grandpa
Smoked turkey, turkey rillettes, mustard and pickles on rye bread

The Grandpa from Mile End Sandwiches

The Grandpa from Mile End Sandwiches

7. The 7th Precinct Sandwich
Chicken cutlet, sliced tomato, homemade gravy and melted Mozzarella cheese, recommended on toasted garlic bread

7th Precinct from Juliebelle's Sandwich Shop

7th Precinct from Juliebelle’s Sandwich Shop

8. !!!Squash!!!
Thinly sliced herb roasted zucchini, fresh Mozzarella cheese, roasted piquillo peppers, baby arugula, extra virgin California olive oil and a savory house made olive tapenade spread on toasted whole grain pan loaf. “Carnivores, can you hear me now???“

Boxed !!!Squash!!! Sandwich lunch from My Belly's Playlist

Boxed !!!Squash!!! Sandwich Lunch from My Belly’s Playlist

9. The Full Montagu Sandwich
Freshly roasted beef, turkey, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes and mustard sauce

The Full Montagu from Earl of Sandwich

The Full Montagu from Earl of Sandwich

10. The Highnooner
Egg salad, bacon, iceberg, tomato, cream cheese and mayo, served on wheat bread

Highnooner and Other Sandwiches from The Original Sandbags Gourmet Sandwiches (in LA)

Highnooner and Other Sandwiches from The Original Sandbags Gourmet Sandwiches (in LA)

11. Teen Wolf 
Falafel wrapped in a fig and pomegranate dough, pickled red onion, grilled scallions, toasted sunflower seed, pickles and sesame sauce

The Teen Wolf from Wolfnights

The Teen Wolf from Wolfnights

12. Hacksaw Sandwich
Double egg, American cheese, chili and hash browns

Hacksaw from Joey B's in Greenwich, CT

Hacksaw from Joey B’s in Greenwich, CT

13. Fat Bear
Cheesesteak, chicken fingers, gyro meat, Mozzarella sticks tzatziki sauce

The Fat Bear from Fat Sandwich in Chicago

The Fat Bear from Fat Sandwich in Chicago

Did we miss any amazing sandwich names? Share them in the comments below!

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