44 Greatest Names for Sushi Rolls

Sushi joints like to get creative when they name their sushi rolls. The names have close to nothing to do about the ingredients in the roll. We find them pretty amusing, so we decided to gather our favorites in this list. Here are the best, most weirdest, most amazing sushi roll names we’ve found.

1. Lion King Roll

Simba’s favorite roll.

From Sapoten in San Francisco

2. Halloween Roll

Boo! This roll is a little spooky!

From Sushi Yu in Brooklyn

3. Dancing Shrimp Roll

Get your dancing shoes on for this roll!

From Junko Sushi in Queens

4. Monkey Roll

No time for monkey business.

From jPAN in Brooklyn

5. The Outstanding Roll!

This roll gets an A+

From Sushi Mora in NYC

6. Mafia Roll

Don’t mess with this sushi roll.

From Rollapalooza in Chicago

7. Red Boy Roll

From Fuji in NYC

8. Pink Girl Roll

This girl dates the Red Boy.

From Ko Sushi in NYC

9. Monkey Jump Roll

This roll makes you wanna jump, jump!

From East Sushi

10. Rising Sun Roll

A breakfast sushi roll, perhaps?

From Wok & Roll Asian Bistro in DC

11. Flaming VIP Roll

This roll is on fire!

From Kai Sushi in Chicago

12. Dragon Maki Mega Roll

It’s a dragon! It’s mega!

From Tokyo Marina in Chicago

13. The Vermont Roll

A roll for the great state of Vermont?

From Roasting House

14. Spicy Titanic Roll

Because anyone will eat a roll named after a sinking ship as long as it’s spicy.

From Yamashiro in Brooklyn

15. The One Roll

This sushi roll is your soulmate. This sushi roll is the one.

From Hiro in Miami

18. Big Easy Roll

This roll doesn’t play hard to get.

From My Maki

19. Godzilla Roll

Because we all want to eat a sushi roll named after a monster.

From Kumo Sushi in NYC

20. Gaga’s Monster Roll

Obviously Lady Gagga is getting into the sushi game

From Thelonius Monkfish in Cambridge

21. Picasso Roll

The great artist was known to eat a lot of sushi.

From Mixx Fusion Japanese in Philadelphia

22. Sweet 16 Roll

Just what every girl wants for her 16th birthday.

From Sakura Tokyo in Brooklyn

23. Sexy Lazy Roll

Well… Enough said about this roll.

From Crazy Sushi in NYC

24. Hungry Roll

We think you won’t be hungry after you eat this.

From Gaja Gaja

25. Three Amigos Roll

Split this one with friends.

From Tokyo Express in San Francisco

26. Chicago Fire Roll

Pretty sure this is the name of a drama series.

From Friendship on the Lake

27. Ocean Safari Roll

A different kind of safari. For the sushi lover.

From Mitoushi in Brooklyn

28. Kung Fu Panda Roll

From Cube Sushi in NYC

29. Scorpion King Roll

From Umi Sushi in NYC

30. Special Red Lady Roll

We all know what that means.

From Tenzan in NYC

31. Payday Roll

Reserved for every other Thursday.

From Kitaro in NYC

32. Avatar Roll

Which came first, the roll or the movie?

From May Island in Alexandria, VA

33. Magical Roll

You won’t find out until you eat it.

From Tenko Sushi

34. Fifa Roll

For soccer players only.

From Omiya Sushi in Brooklyn

35. S&M and Mirage Rolls

Do with this what you will.

From Ginger in NYC

36. Freaky Friday Roll

Not based on the movie.

From Season Thyme

37. Leo’s Roll

Don’t know who Leo is, but this looks delicious!

From Ocha in NYC

38. Hawaii Five O Roll

A classic.

From Rock n Sake

39. Invention Roll

No not intervention.

From Ichiro in NYC

40. UN Roll

Representatives from all across the globe.

From Sushi Time in NYC

41. Hot Mama Roll

For Sexy ladies only.

From Tai Chi in San Francisco

42. Sushi Cake Roll

Well, okay!

From Shinju Sushi in Chicago

43. Viva Las Vegas Roll

Elvis’s favorite roll.

From RA in Chicago

44. Funhouse Special Roll

Sushi you can get at a carnival.

From Friendhouse in NYC