5 Best Smothered Fries for FRY-Day

Happy FRY-Day! We are always happy when Friday comes around. We’ve survived another week and are seriously looking forward to a brand new weekend. To enjoy this day, we’re rounding up some of our favorite FRIES with the best toppings. Because obviously.

1. Bacon Fries from The Wrap Shack in Philly

Bacon Fries with Cheese, Ranch Dressing, & Bacon)

2. Cheesy Dog Fries from Got Empanadas? in Astoria

Cheese sauce and hot dogs on fries. Yes.

3. Greek Fries from Souvlaki GR in the Lower East Side

Sprinkled with Feta Cheese!

4. Blue Cheese Fries from Whitman’s in the East Village

Blue Cheese Sauce on French Fries. Amazing.

5. Disco Fries from Bill’s Bar & Burger in Midtown

Gravy + Melted Cheese. It’s a party.

What do you top your fries with?