9 Signs That You’re Hangry

It happens to the best of us. You are tired, irritable, and could bite someone’s head off at any minute. Then you realize that it’s been hours since your last meal! You’re hangry. And here are the signs.

Your stomach starts rumbling. And some weird feelings start bubbling up.

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

Someone at the desk next to you starts eating. And you act like a 3rd grader.

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

You start taking irrational action against your coworkers.


And office furniture.

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

There are no words to describe your level of discomfort, just this face.


Image via giphy.com

And you try to speak in sign language because words are too much to handle. 

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

Then you just start making chewing motions thinking that may help.

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

Hangriness turns into exhaustion. You give up and you can barely lift your head off the table.

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

Oh. Who brought donuts?

Image via giphy.com

Image via giphy.com

Are you hangry? We’re here to help. Order food right now.


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