Best Seamless Online Delivery Burgers in NYC by Rev, Burger Conquest

Best Seamless Online Delivery Burgers in NYC by Rev from Burger Conquest

Want to find the best Burgers in NYC available to you on Seamless? We turn to Rev, a well-documented burger lover and author of the Burger Conquest blog, to give us a rundown of his favorite NYC burgers. So here goes:

While there are literally hundreds of great Burgers in NYC with just as many reasons if not more to go out there and try them, sometimes your lazy butt just doesn’t want to leave the couch. Sometimes you’re just too sick to go out and get food and all you really need is that fell-good Burger remedy. Here we go…

BURGER CONQUEST presents: The Best Online Delivery Burgers in NYC from Seamless

Bareburger, 535 Laguardia Place, Manhattan

I’m a HUGE fan of wild game, eating it that is, not hunting it and when given the chance to do so, I almost always do. Without even perusing the toppings menu, it was a guarantee from the onset that I would be ordering the Elk. The idea became written in stone when I saw that the Jalapeno Express, with Pepperjack, Romaine Lettuce, Red Raw Onion, Jalapeno Relish, Horseradish Mayo and Chipotle Ketchup, comes recommended for Elk. Pop all that into my choice of a Multi-Grain Roll and you got a Burger worth talking, errr, blogging about!! The sandwich was not short on taste, in fact, there was so much going on that each and every bite had it’s own unique taste profile. For a guy that eats as many Burgers as I do, it was great to have one made from Elk which has a slightly sweeter taste than beef. Surrounded by all the savory and spicy toppings, this is one interesting and unique Burger.

Black Shack Burger, 320 Lexington Ave, Manhattan

The Black Shack does it right. All the ingredients, toppings and contents of the burger are fresh, high quality and made with care. The patty is formed from freshly ground beef, the origins of which their Chef, Jeff, will NOT reveal, and it is juicy and filled with all the savory flavor one expects from a delicious burger. The burgers are cooked on a 600 degree grill and come up very quickly. I once asked Jeff, “how long does it cook before you give it the 1 flip?” He answered “long enough to shotgun a can of beer.”

While you can’t order the off menu “Mayhem” Burger that I created on their menu, you can get everything else including their AMAZING hand made Mozzarella cheese.


Brother Jimmy’s, 416 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan

I went for the larger 5 ounce patty which comes on a soft potato roll (god bless you Brother Jimmy’s!) No sense in wasting a high end burger on a cheap bun, ya dig??!?! This burger was even better than the mini for 2 reasons, it wasn’t as well done as the mini and well, IT WAS BIGGER!! The gooey American Cheese managed to melt itself all over the burger ensuring that every bite came along with its salty goodness. The sauce added a nice sweet undertone to the sandwich with just enough smokiness to provide a flavorful hint. Used sparringly, as Brother Jimmy’s does, this sauce adds a unique element to the sandwich without totally over powering the flavor of the juicy and tender meat. The patty was packed tightly creating a very sturdy burger that did not fall apart while eating it.

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen, 620 8th Ave, Manhattan

The Hickory Bacon Blue Burger. It comes with comes with bacon, blue cheese, crispy onions, hickory BBQ sauce, lettuce, Schnipper sauce and a tomato, however, ours did not have those on them! The Schnipper’s use an 80/20 blend of freshly ground beef that has all the flavors that quality beef should have and even when surrounded by all kinds of toppings, the fine beef taste still comes shining through. But the greatness doesn’t end there as everything from the salty bacon to the smoky BBQ sauce is made from the best of ingredients.

The Green Chile Cheeseburger. This is the Schnipper’s tribute to the Bobcat Bite, home to the original green chile burger which comes covered in green hatch chiles. As Jonathan explained to us, getting actual fresh green chiles at an affordable price in New York City is next to impossible, the Schnipper version substitutes using roasted poblanos with their special cheese blend and Schnipper sauce. I didn’t think they would be able to top the Hickory Bacon Blue but this burger most certainly did (albeit by a very small margin!)

Again, great beef tasty, fresh cheese, tangy sauce and then adding in fresh roasted peppers?!?! HELL YEAH! This burger has a really nice smokey-pepper taste that really stands above the competition. We were all nearly the fill point in our bellies but pushed through to finish this amazing burger.

Peel back the bun on the Schnipper’s Classic burger to reveal their special cheese blend, carmelized onions, bacon, arugula and Schnipper sauce. This is easily the best burger on the menu!!

Zaitzeff, 18 Avenue B, Manhattan

I’ve eaten the Turkey Burger from Zaitzeff and loved it but this review is about the Kobe. Let’s first chat about the Bread. Zaitzeff uses a signature Portuguese Roll that has a nice sweet flavor and the presentation of a thick Pancake. It’s almost worth toasting, Buttering and eating by itself! Another point in the favor of Zaitzeff, the option to add a Fried Egg to any Burger. To be honest with all of you, I am more inclined to add a Fried Egg to a Burger than I would be say something as popular as Bacon. Yeah, you read that right. Another big win is the Zaitzeff Jalapeno preparation. They take an entire Jalapeno, slice it in two and cook it on a stove top much like you would a roasted Red Pepper. This allows the Pepper to retain all of it’s natural heat but also bringing a new flavor to the profile. It’s MUCH hotter than you think it will be. As for the Kobe Beef, was it really from Kobe Japan, well I didn’t ask but I will tell you that where ever it comes from, it’s damn delicious!


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