Best Seamless Super Bowl Food in Boston

Best Seamless Super Bowl Food in Boston

All you Pats fans out there, Sunday is a big day for you, and hopefully for Tom Brady. New England is looking for their fourth title, and the odds are in their favor. So, while you’re all huddled around your flat screen TV’s, viewing pristine images that make you feel like you’re standing on the sidelines next to Belichick, make sure you’re prepared with the proper eats to satisfy your game day hunger. No Super Bowl is complete without the right food fixings. So, for a small team of friends or for a stadium of people, check out these Boston restaurants on Seamless for the best football food to satisfy any die-hard fan’s cravings.

Chicken Nachos at BCK Express in Boston

Chicken Nachos are a MUST for this weekend! (From BCK Express in Boston)

If there are no chicken wings at a football party, it’s not a proper party. So, before Kelly Clarkson belts out her rendition of the National Anthem, make sure you’ve got a plate of wings, hot and ready to go. A couple great options for you are Wingz & Tingz, where you can be munching on an order of up to 80 wings, and Good Eats, where their chicken wing dinner is nothing short of mouth-watering perfection. There also has to be a plate of nachos with toppings piled deliciously and ridiculously high. Find your perfect combo of guacamole, salsa, and cheese at either Mr. Bs or BCK Express.

The Harvard Street Pizza from The Upper Crust in Boston

The Harvard Street Pizza... NOM!

If watching Madonna parade around isn’t your thing, spend half-time getting your fill of pizza and tacos. The pizza pies come round and large, just as your appetite will be by this time. So, turn your oven on low and keep a variety of pies from Upper Crust or Pino’s Pizza at  Cleveland Circle warm and crisp. But, if your lineman-sized hunger craves a little more, check out El Triunfo or Montecristo Mexican Grill for great tasting tacos, because tacos are a must at any football fan’s party.

So, order your food on Seamless from your favorite Boston restaurants, and be ready for Sunday.  Sport your Pats jersey, shout wildly at the players, and don’t miss a second of the excitement and glory!