Restaurant Spotlight: Momofuku Milk Bar

If you’re in NYC and love dessert, you’re probably no stranger to Momofuku Milk Bar. The bakery branch of the Momofuku restaurant group has been headed by chef, owner, and founder Christina Tosi since 2008. We took a minute to chat with Christina about Milk Bar and all of the delicious delights found inside.

As the founder of Momofuku Milk Bar, what inspired you to create the Milk Bar, which differs from the other Momofuku concepts?
I’m a dessert gal and snack queen so Momofuku Milk Bar reflects just that. Baked goods galore, grab and go. Not at an actual restaurant, a great savory and sweet snack haven!

You have so many delicious options in your cookbook. Do you have an ultimate favorite?
That’s like choosing a favorite child! Though I have a hard time quitting the cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies and the chocolate chip/passion fruit/coffee frosting cake!

With the holidays quickly approaching, what can Seamless’ diners order to really impress their families? Is there anything unique this time of year?
Whole pies and cakes are great to share. You can’t go wrong with the Crack pie or the Birthday cake (they NEVER come off the menu for a reason!). Our savory breads also make a great holiday spread– the volcano (potato gratin, caramelized onions, pancetta), lemon poppy swirl and cubano pork (ham, marinated pork, mustard), bagel bombs, and who can say no to the world famous Pork Buns?!!

Christina Tosi, founder.  (Photo by Daniel Krieger)

Christina Tosi, founder. (Photo by Daniel Krieger)

You’re well known for your Compost Cookie which has everything from Pretzels to Butterscotch chips in it. How do you come up with the recipes for these amazing treats?
I was raised on baked goods and have spent my whole life imaging what my version of them would be when I grew up. Milk Bar is just that, choc full of reimagined classics with a little quirk and a whole lotta chocolate chips!

The Milk Bar has locations in NYC and Toronto. Any plans for expanding?
Never say never!

Ready to get your fill of pie, cookies, and ice cream? Check out these Milk Bar locations on Seamless near you:
- Momofuku Milk Bar – Williamsburg
- Momofuku Milk Bar – Upper West Side
- Momofuku Milk Bar – Carroll Gardens