Most Popular Seamless Restaurant in Boston: Pavia

Most Popular Boston Seamless Restaurant: Pavia

Spring is in full force, and that means that baseball season is soon to commence. In fact, today is opening day for the Red Sox. They kick off the season with a three-game set in Detroit. It’s going to be a challenge, and the fans are hoping they open up strong. But, the Tigers’ strength is something of a hurdle. We’re thinking that you probably can’t quite make it to Detroit to watch the games, so enjoy it locally, and get what you love to eat while watching the games. Here’s a great popular place in the Boston area for ordering online this week.

Most bookmarked restaurant this week:

Lasagna from Pavia in Boston

Lasagna from Pavia

Most liked items this week in Boston:

This place swinging and missing for you? Well, we’ve got a few other places we want to pitch to you that have already popular dishes. Check them out, and rate and review what you’ve tried. It’s a great way to keep track of your favorites and share with others what hit a grand slam.

Boston is loving all sorts of cuisines this week! Keep on rating and reviewing your favorite items on Seamless to make sure they make next week’s list!

72 thoughts on “Most Popular Seamless Restaurant in Boston: Pavia

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