Most Popular Seamless Restaurants: Asia Grill (August 2, 2011)

Most Popular Restaurant on Seamless This Week: Carl’s Steaks

Popularity contests aren’t always pretty, but on Seamless, at least they’re fair. Every week we bring you a rundown of the most bookmarked restaurant and the most liked items from the entire site. It’s a great place to get recommendations and learn about the food that your fellow Seamless’ers are eating. Don’t like the selection? You always have the power to change it each time you order online!

Most bookmarked restaurant this week:

Cha Gio at Asia Grill

Cha Gio at Asia Grill

Most liked items this week:

Exotic dishes as well as classic eats are all your favorites this week and they came from all over New York City! Keep on rating and reviewing your favorite items on Seamless to make sure they make next week’s list!

40 thoughts on “Most Popular Seamless Restaurants: Asia Grill (August 2, 2011)

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