National Taco Day: Best Tacos in San Francisco

Happy National Taco Day! On this day, October 4th, we tip our sombreros to the taco. From Hard-shell, soft-shell, vegetarian to seafood, our love for tacos knows no bounds. So, where can you find the best tacos delivered on Seamless? We have got you covered. We rounded up our best of the best – our favorite tacos in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, DC, and LA! Check it out.

Best Tacos in San Francisco:

  1. Shrimp Taco from El Faro Fresh Mexican Grill
  2. Barbacoa Tacos from Taqueria Mana
  3. California Taco from La Canasta
  4. Suadero Taco from El Calabozo (Oakland)
  5. Tacos de Chorizo from La Torta Sabrosa

Check out our favorites in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Chicago, DC, and LA.

Got other favorites? Share your favorite tacos in the comments below!

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