Seamless Restaurant Staff Picks: Something Snacky

Seamless Restaurant Staff Picks: Something Snacky

We pride ourselves as being pretty food knowledgeable. We’re all about it, whether it’s eating it, talking about it, or ordering it, we’re experts at food (at least we think so). And, we’ve all got our favorites for different cuisines and flavors. It’s high time we share some of those with you. Today, we’ve got a little “Something Snacky” for you! And, as snacks come in all shapes, sizes, and cuisines, we’ve got Latin American, Middle Eastern, Italian, and American – It’s all snacky goodness!

Jo P. (Sales Consultant): When I first stumbled upon Patacones on the Irazu menu (in Chicago) I was confused as to what it was but when one of the servers told me it was Tostones with Mojo,  I knew it was the perfect snack to accompany my all time favorite Irazu sandwich the Pepito. Tostones are the fried unripe plantains you usually find in most Caribbean, Central American, and South American Restaurants and Mojo is a mouth-watering garlic sauce originally from Cuba but also eaten elsewhere in Latin America. The combo is irresistible and once you order it the first time, I’m willing to bet it’ll become a staple on your pickup orders. Additionally the fact that Tostones are a perfect snack both hot and cold it travels really great for delivery.

Jessie G. (Marketing Associate): Maybe the best snack in the world is Guacamole & Chips. And the best place to order the phenomenal snacky combination is from Dos Caminos with many locations in Manhattan! The guacamole is creamy, spicy, limey and classic. The chips are salty, crispy, and fresh. Bottom-line: Dos Caminos is legitimately snacky.

The ultimate snack -- Guacamole and Chips from Dos Caminos!

Jonathan Zabusky (CEO): Some of my favorite things to order on Seamless are snacks. When I’m craving something to quickly satisfy my hunger, I’ll order the Crab-Seasoned Fries from Mi-Pal in Philly. They are salty, savory, crunchy and all around delicious. They get a big thumbs up from me!

Jen L. (Corporate Sales Consultant): My favorite dish hails from a restaurant called Sanford’s in Queens. Their fried mozzarella ravioli is a religious experience!

Ben B. (LA Sales Consultant): One of the most addictive things to eat in LA is a Ham and Cheese Empanada from Nonna’s. They are bigger than a bite size so it will satisfy your snack craving and is also easy to eat on the run! The Empanada crust is delicious and the perfect thickness to complement the ham and melted cheese inside.

Snack Break! Empanadas from Nonna's!

What’s your favorite “something snacky” treat? Tell us in the comments below!

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