Today’s Brooklyn Order: House Pizza

The Order:

It’s no secret that Italian is my favorite cuisine. So I couldn’t have been more excited to see a new local pizzeria (literally right around the corner from my house) added to the growing list of restaurants on SeamlessWeb in Brooklyn. I actually pass by House Pizza in Midwood every day, but I’ve never been inside. So naturally, when searching for a place to blog about this week, it was House Pizza all the way. Although I know that Thanksgiving is around the corner, I felt that ordering a multi-course meal would give me the best insight into what I should order the next go around (hopefully). I ordered Garlic Knots, a Spinach Roll, Chicken Cutlet Hero, Stuffed Shells, a White Spinach slice, and, finally, Zeppoles.

The Meal:

The meal was delivered five minutes earlier than expected (good!), but the bag felt a little light (bad!), so I immediately double checked my order. Turns out I was missing the spinach roll, so I called the restaurant and the staff rushed the roll over and apologized profusely.

I started the taste test by nibbling on a garlic knot. The warm, medium brown knot had a good amount of crushed garlic and oil slathered on top. The knots were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, reminding me of my grandmother’s homemade rolls. Needless to say, I ate another, dipping it in the marinara sauce from the stuffed shells this time. Even better! So since the sauce worked for the rolls, I grabbed a fork and decided to test if it worked for the stuffed shells. They were cooked al dente and the cheese was seasoned perfectly, but as it turns out the same sauce that worked for the roll was completely wrong for the shells. Although it looked homemade, the sauce tasted like a canned, store bought brand. To put it simply, the stuffed shells tasted like something that should have been on the Kids’ menu.

Next, I tried the white spinach slice. There are only two words to describe it: “Utterly Amazing”…ok, fine I have more to say. The slice was enormous (I thought they’d given me two!) and covered with dollops of ricotta cheese evenly distributed over the sautéed spinach and mozzarella on top a warm and crispy base at the bottom with a soft middle.

If that slice wasn’t enough, the chicken cutlet sandwich was definitely one of the best I have every tasted. When placing the order, I added a note in the special instructions box to toast the bread. Good call. The hot breaded chicken, marinara, and parmesan cheese combined perfectly with the warm bread. After the chicken, I went for the late-arriving spinach roll. Another large portion, it blew me away in multiple ways. First, I expected a literal roll, similar to the shape of a cinnamon roll, with spinach and cheese coated with olive oil. Instead, I got a massive nine inch pastry (yes, I measured it) loaded with sautéed spinach, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses. Second, it only cost $4 for all that food! I took two bites, smiled and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I was overwhelmed, but I had plenty leftover for later. Lastly, somehow I kept eating and tried the powdered sugar-coated zeppoles. They were yummy.

On the whole, I was really impressed by the quality and quantity of food from this small local pizzeria. House Pizza gets a solid B+/A- and I can’t wait to try them again. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up an order on my way home one day…

Check out House Pizza’s menu and feel free to give us recommendations for future orders in the comments.

  • Terrence Mills

    this looks really good.