Today’s Order: Revd Up Pi

The Order:

With our New Year’s resolutions fading fast already, we decided it was time to make drastic moves to salvage our healthy eating habits goal. So we decided to order from Revd Up Pi, a newcomer to SeamlessWeb. While a pizza place does not seem like such a healthy option, what makes Revd Up Pi so special is their SUPER low calorie pizza. In fact, they serve the lowest calorie slice in all of NYC! We gathered a few friends and decided on a few dishes to sample. I went with a personal Mighty Mushroom Pi, Rich decided on the standard Revd 3.14 Pi, Sam got the Turkey Meatball Entree on top of greens with grilled veggies, and Elliott went with a side of meatballs and a side of broccoli rabe. Pretty awesome choices if you ask me!

The Meal:

Our food arrived precisely when it was meant to and we quickly started chowing down!

Order online from Revd Up Pi

The scent of truffle oil is practically emanating from this photo.

The pizzas came and I literally couldn’t contain my excitement. The mushrooms were plentiful and looked delectable. Truffle oil scent immediately spread throughout the room. Rich’s “pi” looked quite delicious as well. The sauce had good coverage and no piece of crust was left untouched. Speaking of the crust, it was NICE. Revd Up Pi uses a signature 16-grain crust, which was thin yet sturdy. It held up its toppings and provided an excellent base. I’ll admit that it did taste somewhat “healthy” but I don’t think I can really complain about that as it’s what I was ultimately asking for… I guess.

Order online from Revd Up Pi

Veggies and veggies and a garlic knot

The others’ dishes looked equally delicious. The greens and grilled veggies that came with the turkey meatball entree were leafy and tasty. The grilled veggies had just the right amount of oil used for cooking and flavor and overall the dish was a solid portion size. Meanwhile the sides of turkey meatballs and broccoli rabe was a nice order for when you just want something little. The meatballs came with a ton of sauce (good with the whole wheat garlic knots) and the broccoli rabe was garlicky and tasty!

Order online from Revd Up Pi

Balls and Rabe

All in all, we highly recommend Revd Up Pi for a satisfyingly healthy meal and we’re counting down the days until we can order it again!

Check out the Revd Up Pi menu and feel free to give us recommendations for future orders in the comments.

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