Seamless Restaurant News, Updates, Blog Posts (March 2, 2012)

Our weekly list of Seamless press mentions and restaurant write-ups

Here at Seamless, we work with thousands of restaurants and we love them all equally. But we’re only human, and when blogs and newspapers write about our restaurants, some of them temporarily become more equal than others. Here’s a sampling of where Seamless restaurants made some news last week:

Social Eatz’ Bulgogi Burger Beats Bon Chon’s Hands Down - Midtown Lunch

  • It’s extra juicy and extra delicious, so you got to order the Bulgogi Burger at Social Eatz!

Hot Kitchen - Ramen & Friends

  • With an extensive menu and fiery, face numbing Sichuan dishes, Hot Kitchen is a must order in the East Village!

Lunch Today: Combo Meals from BaoBQ - Serious Eats: New York

  • Want a delicious lunch that’s also a great deal? Order from BaoBQ also in the East Village.

Jeff Lutonsky and Meghan Love of Mable’s Smokehouse - Eater

  • Eater sat down with the owners of Mable’s Smokehouse for a check in on how they’re doing after one year in the business. Good read!

Eating Everything on the Salad Bar at Maoz Vegetarian - Serious Eats

  • With delicious falafel and an extensive falafel bar, Maoz is a perfect lunch spot!
Chicken with Chili Sauce from Hot Kitchen

Chicken with Chili Sauce from Hot Kitchen