GrubHub Scores Touchdown with Analysis of Super Bowl Sunday Orders

Super Bowl Ordering Data

When we hear “Super Bowl Sunday,” we think two things: football and wings. Fine, and maybe pizza. Also nachos. (Not necessarily in that order.) So four things. And, according to a year’s worth of order data, we’re not alone.


Of all the orders placed on Super Bowl Sunday, a whopping 16% of them include wings — making it, by far, the biggest day of the year for wing orders. In fact, wings are 118% more popular on Super Bowl Sunday than throughout the rest of the year.

So, what kind of wings are people ordering most for the big game? To settle a bet, we looked into it:

  1. “Buffalo” Wings — 43% of wing orders
  2. “Hot” Wings — 25% of wing orders
  3. “Mild” Wings — 13% of wing orders
  4. “Honey” Wings — 8% of wing orders
  5. “Garlic Parmesan” Wings — 2% of wing orders

And then comes the obvious follow-up question: ranch or bleu cheese for dipping? Ordinarily, we see that ranch is a bit more popular than bleu cheese (55% Ranch to 45% Bleu Cheese), and on Super Bowl Sunday, Ranch still wins — but by a smaller margin (52% Ranch to 48% Bleu Cheese).

Oh, and P.S., boneless wings only account for 11% of wing orders for the big game. Shockingly low, and we’re on board.

So what other scintillating stats did our data scientists turn up from our Super Bowl analysis?

  • Pizza is 41% more popular on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Nachos are 35% more popular on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Chips and Dip are 19% more popular on Super Bowl Sunday


Lastly, if you’re still hungry for more data, let us leave you with our ultimate list, The Top 10 Most-Ordered Dishes on Super Bowl Sunday:

  1. Cheese Pizza
  2. Wings
  3. French Fries
  4. Mozzarella Sticks
  5. General Tso’s Chicken
  6. Crab Rangoon
  7. Pad Thai
  8. Egg Rolls
  9. Wonton Soup
  10. Onion Rings