Let’s Party: Survive the Company Holiday Party with 5 Easy Tips

Surviving Office Party

The folks in our Seamless Corporate Accounts department have the inside scoop on what’s going down for office holiday celebrations.

We surveyed 1,100 professionals about how their offices celebrate the season and surprising absolutely no one, the results revealed that the office holiday party is a big deal to a lot of people. Check out the full results of our survey here. In the meantime, here are our top 5 tips for a regret-free party:


1. Eat!

Eat Before Pary GrubHub
It’s a rookie mistake to party too hard on an empty stomach. Make sure you’ve got a solid foundation – both before and during the party – for your night of drinking ahead.

2. Be a Potluck Ninja

Potsticker Potluck
Survey says…. party budgets are shrinking and potlucks are on the rise. But who has the time to cook? Unless your office is filled with Top Chef contestants, let take-out save the day. Place an order online and have your contribution delivered to your event. People like good food regardless of who made it!

3. Don’t be the Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

A swift exit ensures you won’t be the one everyone’s gossiping about the next day. And hey, late night pizza is calling your name, anyway.

4. Hold Off on the Photo Sharing

Late Night Delivery
Share your photos, but wait until the next day. Nobody has ever regretted waiting in case your judgment might get a little better in the morning. (Or at least after a little late-night pizza.)

5. Let Breakfast Delivery Cure What Ails You

Breakfast Sandwiches Are Your Friend
There’s not much a bacon, egg, and cheese can’t fix – so why not have one delivered in the morning? Bonus pro points for adding some electrolyte-charged drinks and a coffee to the order. Is your party mid-week? Suggest to your Office Manager to cater breakfast the next day to motivate people to show up on time – and ensure everyone has fuel to be productive all day. A worthy investment indeed!