Today’s Brooklyn Order: Chikurin

The Order:

Instead of hitting the pavement like usual and grabbing a Seamlessweb pick up order, I decided to stay at home last weekend and place a mid-afternoon delivery order from Chikurin, a Japanese restaurant in Sheepshead Bay.

I normally stay away from sushi places unless they’re recommended by a reliable source (we all have our phobias, right?), but I did my due diligence by researching reviews online and ended up feeling confident in my choice. I ordered a little earlier than usual, which worked out perfectly, because I was able to get really good deals on their lunch specials. Today’s order: The Chicken Teriyaki lunch special, Any Two Rolls lunch special, Vegetable Gyoza and Fried Cheesecake. Oh yes, I figured, why not get enough for lunch and dinner!

The Meal:

The delivery came right on time and the food was neatly packaged with sauces, chopsticks, and napkins. Wanting to try the warm foods first, I dove right into the fried cheesecake.

I debated on this dessert for a while. I try to stay away from fried foods, but curiosity led me off my usual beaten path. I opened the container and excitedly forced my fork through the crispy, golden brown outer shell (think funnel cake). I expected the cheese to ooze out in a disturbing manner, but it didn’t. The cheesecake itself was actually rather soft (with a pudding-like consistency) and the graham cracker crust didn’t fall apart. I tasted the sinful delicacy and enjoyed it so much I ate half of it, before realizing there was more food that needed to be tasted. Minus the weird piece of steamed broccoli that sat beside it (don’t ask), this cheesecake was the perfect dessert (and a great way to start the meal!).

After starting with dessert, I skipped back to the top of the meal, trying the vegetable dumplings next. They were soggy. I tried one, and decided that although they were tasty, dumplings are one of the things you should try to avoid having delivered. They don’t travel well. After my second one, I opened up the accompanying dipping sauce for a taste, but I was disappointed with the saltiness and it was definitely was something that I could have done without.

Moving onto the sushi, I wasn’t in the mood for fish, so I ordered two sweet potato rolls. They were a little darker than the ones I am used to, but they looked very appetizing. The rolls were a perfect size and there was ample amount of sweet potato (cooked to perfection) in each piece. Although lukewarm because of the travel time, the taste was still excellent and they didn’t need any additions like ginger or wasabi.

Lastly was the chicken teriyaki lunch special, which came with a few pieces of steamed carrots and broccoli. I must admit, because I am so used to making my own version of teriyaki chicken, I am not that knowledgeable about the true taste of the Asian-style dish. However, after tasting this one, I’m not going to rush out and try it again. The chicken breast was tender, but it lacked something. The teriyaki sauce was a little salty and although the chicken was glazed, the only thing I could taste was the sauce. It was as if the chicken was not marinated or infused with any flavorful seasoning. In other words, the first bite I tasted was teriyaki, but all subsequent bites tasted like semi-bland chicken.

To wrap things up, each item portion was perfect and Chikurin definitely gives you your money’s worth. Now in lieu of my usual full restaurant grade, I would rather grade each individual item today, so here are the marks: A+ for Fried Cheesecake, C+ for Vegetable Dumplings, B+ for Sweet Potato Rolls, C for Chicken Teriyaki.

Check out Chikurin’s menu and feel free to give us recommendations for future orders in the comments.

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