Today’s Order: Lemongrass Grill

The Order:

It was getting late for lunch and I had just tweeted about it, so after a quick chat (Me: Wanna have Thai food? AnnMarie: Sure) Lemongrass Grill became our dining decision. AnnMarie ordered Pad See You noodles, or as they call it “Fun in Black”, and I opted for the very similar La(r) Nard, or as they call it, Noodle Nana. Really love those names.

The Meal:

AnnMarie did the honors of picking up our order and had no problems. When she got back to the office and I took my dish out of the bag, I was suprised to see that it was packaged like a soup. I definitely hadn’t realized that was the case when I ordered it, but I just emptied it out into a bowl and quickly got over the shock. That said, had I known what I was getting into, I probably would have ordered differently. Not to say that my Noodle Nana with beef was bad, just that it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. The noodles and beef were both decent and I liked the Chinese broccoli. I just didn’t get much benefit out of the soup aspect of the dish and would have preferred simply the ingredients and a sauce.

Lemongrass Grill - noodle nana with beef

As for AnnMarie, she liked the idea of Pad See You (this was her first time ordering it), but didn’t love this version. Her Fun in Black featured chicken that was good and there was plenty of it, and same with the noodles. Problem was it just lacked that special something to put it over the top. She’ll keep looking though.

Lemongrass Grill - pad see you

Overall, our meal from Lemongrass Grill was solid, but unspectacular. It filled us up and made us satisfied, but wasn’t the kind of food that had us screaming more.

Check out Lemongrass Grill’s menu here and feel free to give us recommendations for future orders!

476 thoughts on “Today’s Order: Lemongrass Grill

  1. M. Alice

    I just moved from the UWS to the Hell’s Kitchen area, which has meant a whole new world of Seamless options: cool!!! (For the record, I adore Seamless for I can order food without using my vocal chords *and* without having cash on hand.)

    Here’s the thing: my move to a new neighborhood highlights one of the difficult things with the Seamless rating system. I’m looking through restaurants with "4 star" averages, then I read the user reviews and see the most atrocious comments! Reviews contradict each other. One review says they’re fast and brilliant, the next review claims they’re slow and bastard-ish. Don’t know which reviews to trust. I reckon it’s the nature of the internet that there will be a range of feedback, but consequently it’s always a game of trial & error.

    I do wish I had a solution I could proffer, but I’m at a loss here. Still, I do adore the service and regardless of the bad apples, it’s an impressive feat to get such a diverse swath of eateries to participate in this lovely newer paradigm. :*)

  2. Rich

    Hey M. Alice,

    Thanks for writing and being such a fan of Seamless! I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but while some comments can be inconsistent, the star ratings do take into account all individual ratings left by diners and are determined relative to other restaurants. Even if a few people have had bad experiences, you can be confident that a "4-star" restaurant is more than likely to give you a good delivery experience.

    We do our best to keep the rating system as open and informative as possible, so we definitely appreciate any and all feedback about it.



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