6 Real BBQ Places to Enjoy While Watching The Walking Dead

GHS Walking Dead

After months of waiting, The Walking Dead is back – and BBQ is on everybody’s mind.

Check out the premiere on AMC on Sunday night at 9/8c and order in from some of our favorite BBQ restaurants to help satisfy your craving! Ordering will be a lot easier than trying to find your dinner with a crossbow.

Heck, you might even be able to find a giant can of pudding for dessert.

1. New York – Dallas BBQ

Dallas BBQ

This BBQ combo really steals the show! Like many T-shirts once said, ‘Don’t mess with Texas!!’ Not sure if the zombies could read them though. Because they definitely got away with doing that.


2. Philadelphia – Baby Blues BBQ

If we could only order BBQ from one place in Philly during a zombie apocalypse, we’d make it this one! Granted, we’d expect the staff to be human and not yet infected when they arrived at the door. But you know, a corporate blogger can dream.


3. Los Angeles – Sammy’s Thai BBQ

Sammy's Thai BBQ

At the end of the world, we’d still order shrimp from this local gem. Not just because we’re sure it’s great – but also because we figure all the zombies would be hanging out at Bubba Gump. Outta-towners.


4. Chicago – Q-BBQ


For other questions, please consult Encarta ‘95. Unless you’d like to know how to order from this restaurant, in that case we strongly suggest using a company we started one time. The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, October 12 at 9/8c on AMC.


5. Boston – Soulfire

One time we were in record store and found Gwen McCrae’s ‘Rockin’ Chair’ and Charles Mann’s ‘Do It Again’ on BOGO clearance! But we decided to just order them from Amazon instead. This probably tastes as good as it would feel to stop telling stories like that one.


6. Washington, DC – DCity Smokehouse

When the capital falls, who you gonna call? Not this restaurant, we hope! Only because they take orders online from a company we represent. So order online. Because we’re paid to say it and because zombies can’t hear you do it. Keep calm and order on!