Yummy Rummy Is Back (And Better Than Ever)!


Starting today, your Yummy Rummy punch card resets and is valid for another month! One more reason to order…

You love Yummy Rummy, we love Yummy Rummy, everyone loves Yummy Rummy. And there’s certainly a lot to love: It’s easy to play and even easier to win.

Not familiar with it? Yummy Rummy is a game you play after ordering on GrubHub. Just click a card to earn a punch. Collect 5 punches and you’ll win a prize. We’ll also enter you to win Free Grub for a year.

As for you longtime Yummy Rummy fans, don’t worry. Every click could still be an instant win.

What can you win? Prizes. Big prizes. Small prizes. In-between prizes. Free drinks, free cookies, free delivery, 10% off. Those kinds of prizes. Or maybe that grand prize–free food for a year.

Now available to play via desktop and the latest version of the app.

Start your game today. Order now!
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