Thanksgiving Ordering Trends from GrubHub
GrubHub Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving. Then again, we’re fans of any holiday built around a meal. Whether you’re into traditional turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, or would prefer to branch out with Indian, Japanese, or even pizza — we’re here to make the Thanksgiving season easy and delicious.   We took a look at order data from Thanksgiving 2013,. . .

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Win $5 in Free Grub, Read Some Bad Rhymes
GifOrTreat GrubHub

We All Scream for This Halloween Theme! We don’t know what’s more terrifying – this Haunted House theme or the lack of effort it’s going to take you to win Free Grub from us. But, you know, you shouldn’t have to put a ton of effort into winning Free Grub anyway. Guess we’ll just freestyle. . .

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Win $100 in Seamless Cash with The Infatuation!
Infatuation GrubHub

Ah, fall. Time for pumpkin spice lattes, football, and wondering if you’re the kind of person who can pull off a scarf. It’s also time for friends, so we’ve partnered with our friends at The Infatuation to bring you an Instagram contest about all of the delicious things you’re eating this football season! How can. . .

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