Ask SeamlessWeb… (Volume 8)

The SeamlessWeb Advice Column is here to answer all your tough questions, food-related and otherwise, so watch out Dear Prudence, cause there’s a new Ann Landers in town. Submissions welcome!

Dear SeamlessWeb,

I have a routine every Tuesday night: Come home from work, take my place on the sofa, order a SeamlessWeb dinner and watch American Idol, Glee, and LOST.  But this routine is about to come to an end as TV shows go on summer hiatus (or end forever!). So what am I going to do with my life when LOST is gone and Crystal Bowersox isn’t singing me sweet melodies every week?!

Please help me during this terrible time of transition and confusion.

-Lost without TV, Hell’s Kitchen

Dear Lost,

I, too, am preparing for some withdrawal pains upon the ending of some of my favorite TV shows.  In order to ease the symptoms, there are some habits you should maintain from your Tuesday night routine.  Continue to order from SeamlessWeb, of course.  Here are some restaurants to help you out in your area:

  • Xie Xie – Try their special flavors of meat on Asian rolls, all freshly prepared as soon as you order. You’ve never had Asian cuisine like this.
  • Sandwich Planet – You could order a different custom made sandwich every day of the year and never run out of new options!
  • Tai & Thai – Authentic and top quality Thai food affordable prices.

While waiting for your food, assume your customary perch on the sofa and pop in a movie.  When your dinner arrives, just push play. We may be in a new Golden Age of TV, but dinner and a movie is a long-standing tradition that we think should get you through the summer just fine. And if you start to get bored, don’t fret, Jersey Shore‘ll be back on July 29.


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