Back With Another One of Those Block Rockin’ Beats

GrubHub TV Ad

As far as things that you might see on TV go, we like the ones that we’re going to link to in this blog post. And you might argue that we’re biased – afterall, they’re TV spots that we made. But did you watch them?


See, because, in this first one – which we’re lumping in there with the oft-forgotten surrealist painter Gork Von Donsler’s best work – a burrito hits people on the head. We’re not sure we get it, but we are sure it’s Art. We capitalized the A to signify “high art.” Also, because our ad agency paid us to call it “Art” and we didn’t know if they were case-sensitive.


And then we have this other one, where the perils of screaming your credit card number over and over into the aether become apparent. Our agency paid us to use the term “aether”, too. We’ll discuss why in a later blog post*. Anyway – why are people still doing this? Like, on a scale of one to 14, it’s at least a 12. In this business, we call it ridic. But only if people still say “ridic.” Have they gone back to using full words?

*We won’t. Because none of that is true.