Best 7 Cheeses That Belong on Your Burger

National Burger Month: Cheese Power Ranking

Melted cheese on a beef burger is an American classic. From gourmet to backyard BBQs, the cheeseburger has a long and traditional history with our stomachs. The creaminess of the cheese with the saltiness of the beef burger marry so well and the flavor combinations are incredible. So we’re here to discuss and breakdown the best of the best cheeses to put on your burger. Here goes.

Cheeseburger from Edward’s in NYC

1. Cheddar

A power move. Obviously.

2. Blue Cheese

A controversial contender. A love hate kind of cheese. But we think you can do no wrong with a nice roquefort on your burger.

3. Swiss

Pairs most well with mushrooms. Embrace it.

4. American

The standby and all time classic. Melts perfectly on your patty.

5. Monterey Jack Cheese

Not much to say except that it’s a solid fall-back.

6. Parmigiano-Reggiano

Perhaps this guy won’t melt as much, but he’ll definitely bring some serious flavor to the arena.

7. Mozzarella

We think if you choose this cheese, you’re doing it wrong. But you do you.

How do you top your cheeseburger? Share with us in the comments below!