Best Of Seamless Special Instructions This Week

One of the best parts of ordering food online is being able to get the food exactly how you like. On Seamless, we provide you with a nice box at checkout where you can ask for extra sauce, give extra directions to your home, or send sweet notes to your delivery person. Most of the time, these special instructions are fairly straight-forward. But sometimes we find some real gems. This week we sifted through the special instructions and pulled out the best of:

Sharing traumatic childhood stories:

Please NO Pickles – not even in the bag.  I was attacked by a pickle as a child and I suffer from PTSD when I see one. Thanks.

Some of you are just enjoying your day:

Too many drinks have led to a lazy day. Please keep doing what you do! Make my second order for today even better than the first. Thank you all!!!!

And maybe you’ve had too much enjoyment…

show up wit a smyle on ur face c:

pls brink nupens fork an nifh

Some of you are incredibly picky:

i ordered a pickle = please do not send the pickle instead please send extra  tzaziki sauce on the side for the gyros

Less spicy but DO NOT MAKE IT BLAND!!!

And a lot of you requested some special drawings:

Please draw a large seashell on the bag so we can identify in the lobby! Thanks

Please draw a lobster on the bag. We love lobsters!!!!

Please draw a rabbit on the bag!!!!

Please draw something FUN on the pork chunks bag. 

There’s a lot of love for the delivery people:

Please high five the security guy in the lobby and high five me when you get here! Thanks! WE LOVE HILL COUNTRY 

You guys are awesome! Thanks for everything!

No special instructions just hope you’re havinga wonderful day.


2,440 thoughts on “Best Of Seamless Special Instructions This Week

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