Best Of Seamless Special Instructions This Week

One of the best parts of ordering food online is being able to get the food exactly how you like. On Seamless, we provide you with a nice box at checkout where you can ask for extra sauce, give extra directions to your home, or send sweet notes to your delivery person. Most of the time, these special instructions are fairly straight-forward. But sometimes we find some real gems. This week we sifted through the special instructions and pulled out the best of:

You range from the very straight forward…


To the oddly complicated:

Very windy street. Look for a brown house with 3 red garage doors after the first turn. Pull over on the left in front of the third garage. It is the house behind the red gate. Call when you arrive.

You have so much love for your favorite spots:

Gandhi Fine Indian Cuisine is the BEST EVER!!!!  I love it so much I want to eat it for every meal until the day that I die and then I’ll hope and wish that I could still be eating it!!!  Thank you so much!

Hi! Love your bagels. If you don’t have the exact bagels handy feel free to swap them we like all of them! If you’re out of low-fat cream cheese regular plain is fine too.

Thank you SO MUCH for delivering our dinner! We love your food!

Requesting entertainment:

Quickly please! :) And perhaps a funny joke?

Funny joke in box

Some of you just want some comfort:

Can i please have a side of bbq sauce? It would truely mean the world to me! I’ve had the worst day and comfort food is all I need right now! Thanks!

And some of you just really want mozz sticks:

Instead of the “Free large dinner salad w/a purchase of $15 or more. Free 2 liter soda w/a purchase of $13 or more.” can I get some FREE MOZARELLA STICKS PLEASE? If you are going to include a salad.